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Accessorize Me!

That Dog In Tuxedo is India's exclusive Pet Accessories Brand having more than 500+ options solely in our Accessory line, We have crafted not only attractive dog accessories but also functional and durable pet accessories.We have an accessory for each and every little occasions, from festivals like Diwali,Holi,christmas to Rakshabandhan, Halloween to Independence day, friendship day, mothers day fathers day and so on!! TDIT's super chic Dog Accessories comes in all the sizes

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Dog Bow ties

Get ready to dive into the world of Dog Bowties. Choose amongst 150+ styles and patterns of Dog Bow Ties. From Adjustable Dog collar Bowties to our classic thick strap bowties, That Dog In Tuxedo have the widest range of Dog Accessories to choose from. So, get set go and start digging one gorgeous bow tie collar for your doggo!

Dog Bandana

You call it Dog Scarf or Dog Bandana, these pretty pretty dog accessories is sure to stay here for long! With the widest dog accessory collection, our Doggie bandanas are full of bright and beautiful prints and cute slogans. Just a perfect dog accessory to be adorn by your little one for any fun day. Choose amongst over 100 styles of dog bandanas. All of them comes with adjustable dog Nylon Collar which are removable, washable and durable. Have a look yourself!

Dog Collars

Turn your dog into a super hero or cute little minion or a princess with our exclusive collection of Adjustable Dog collars. They are cute, quirky and super loved. Choose amongst various prints, from fan club collars to sports league dog collars to marvel and disney characters inspired pet collars, you name it and we have it all! All our dog Collar Belts are adjustable, washable, durable and super comfortable for all day usage. Check our wide range of Dog Collars now!

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