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Quirky Collars

Dog Collars

Turn your dog into a super hero or cute little minion or a princess with our exclusive collection of Adjustable Dog collars. They are cute, quirky and super loved. Choose amongst various prints, from fan club collars to sports league dog collars to marvel and disney characters inspired pet collars, you name it and we have it all! All our dog Collar Belts are adjustable, washable, durable and super comfortable for all day usage. Check our wide range of Dog Collars now!

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  1. League of Super Hero dog collar

    League of Super Heroes Dog Collar

    We bring you another most popular jacquard wooven Dog collar from the series of Super hero collection. Good quality Wooven jacquard collar Adjustable, Washable Nylon collar
    Size - M-L 16-22 inches.Suitable for medium to large size dog breeds such as pug, beagle, cocker spaniel, french bulldog, english bulldog, spitz, indian dogs, standard labs and similar.
    Size L-XL .(20-26 inches).Suitable for Large breeds such as Labrador, Retriever, Boxer, GSD, Rottweiler and similar
    Kindly measure your dog to avoid any misfit Learn More
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  2. The Black Dahlia Dog Collar

    The Black Dahlia Dog Collar - M-L

    Dahlia - a bishop of llandaff!! This enigmatic dog collar is a Mexican beauty, It is flawless, fresh and ever so blooming.We have launched a beautiful collection of flower Dog collars for your angel which will surely take you to the blissful journey. • Designer Dog Collar - Flower Collection
    • Beautiful, Colourful Woven Jacquard Dog Collar
    • Size M- L (14-22 inches)
    • Adjustable Dog Collar, Easy to wear and Light Weight
    • Suitable for medium size dogs such as beagle, pug, cocker spaniel, indian breed, spitz and similar breed.
    • Suitable for Large dogs such as Labrador, Retriever, and similar breeds. Learn More
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