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Choosing the right dog harness is imperative for pet parents as these harness provide greater control over your dog during walks.

That Dog In Tuxedo boasts of having India’s most unique Dog Harness Collection. Our Dog Harnesses are not only functional and sturdy but also comfortable and beautiful.

From no pull, step in dog harness to breathable mesh dog body harness or unique dress harness, we have it all!

That Dog In Tuxedo is also India’s first Pet company to have innovated a dog harness specially for girl dogs, “ Dress Harness”, a dual harness created for girl dogs which functions as a harness and looks like a dress! We have all the sizes in these dress dog harness with the various options to choose from!

Another creative product in our Harness Line is our Bow Tie Harness “Huckleberry Dog Harness” which is a step in chest harness with a bow tie to add dapper look to it! These Huckleberry dog harnesses are super comfortable dog walking gear, perfect for your pooch to flaunt on his/her walks. All our Harnesses have an option to add a matching leash to them as well!

So, browse below from the various dog harness styles and options and choose the best fit for your dog!

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