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Story behind TDIT: Celebrating Desi Dogs

Something about the Founder

As an adherent animal lover, our founder Ankita has always been passionate about feeding, petting and caring the very beautiful and friendly street buddies. Since her childhood, she has been lucky to get lots and lots of affection from these wagging tails.

She is a tech and business grad mix, did bachelors in technology and masters in business from Singapore and worked for a while in a finance company. After which, she was forcefully attracted by her passion towards dogs. It was always her dream to start her very own pet boutique which can serve as a mutual platform for both animals in need as well as for the pet parents who wish to dress up their pooches like a diva and a rockstar.

The idea of starting this venture emerged from this very native thought, spreading awareness for our desi dogs, one of the smartest and healthiest breeds all over the world, which are often neglected.

That Dog In Tuxedo is a result of these unending, continuous and motivating thoughts. Ankita founded this company to give her share of tribute to the man’s best friend. She has a special corner for the “Desi Dogs”. The loyalty they have, the love and joy they provide us can never be replaced with anything but love and respect.

And who can be the better role model than our very own very naughty, super energetic & the apple of the TDIT’s Family, “Santa”. Rescued on the eve of Christmas from the busy market street, wandering alone, he has been a continuous motivation and inspiration that keeps us going on and on. He can be seen in the company’s logo, packaging and branding.

Our Mantra

Our main motto is to bring a change in paradigm. From clothing a pet to dressing them up for every single occasion we celebrate in our day-to-day life.

Include our beloved pets in the special moments of our life and let them celebrate every occasion as a much loved family member in style, in proper attire & costumes so as to feel the spirit of the merriments.

We have put in all our hard work and efforts in designing very unique dog accessories and clothing in accordance to special occasions such as parties, events, weddings, festivals, birthdays, theme parties, holidays etc.

The Paw-some Crew

We are currently a startup and have a small team of some fabulous passionate dog lovers who work hard to exceed our customer’s satisfaction. We believe in making your every moment even more special by putting personalized attentions to each order we receive.

For us the most important thing is to see a satisfied pet parent and lots of happy wags. We can connect with your passion, your thoughts, your needs for your furry babies and so your suggestions and feedback are always welcome. We will try to our best level to make it work for you as at TDIT, whatever we do is from our heart!

A Big Thank You to all rescued and adopted Dog's Parents.

For, you are the people who had courage to save a life. We cannot be more grateful to you for showing such heroic act. We salute You. You are in true means the “Super Heroes” which this world needs. A heartfelt Thankyou!!!

TDIT’s foundation is built on equality and compassion. Equality for all the dogs, regardless of their breed, origin and their individuality. It gives us immense pleasure to see all the lovely furry angels dressed up, dolled up, getting pampered by their wonderful and extra compassionate pet parents. We are also using the part of proceedings towards street animals care and well being.

We sincerely hope for a brighter future for these unprivileged souls. May they be adopted, looked after, pampered just as any other foreign breed and most importantly respected for who they are and where they belong.

Lots and Lots of Love and Hope