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That Dog In Tuxedo Top 10 Brand 2021

Dog Body Harnesses

Dog name harness
Dog personalised name collars
Dog Sherwani and Indian Clothes
wedding dog products
Dog collars and belts
Dog bowties and Collars
dog multifunctional leashes
Easy walk step in reflective dog harness
Dog Tuxedo and Wedding Collection
Dog Raincoat
Dog bandanas and scarfs
personalised name dog bandana
Dog clothes and dresses
Dog collar with bow
Dog neck bands and accessories
Dog personalised bandanas

Newest Products
The Look Book

The Look Book

A Big Thankyou to all Rescued and Adopted Dog's Parents!!!

For, you are the people who had courage to save a life. We cannot be more grateful to you for showing such a heroic act. We salute You!
You are in true means the “Super Heroes” which this world needs.

TDIT’s foundation is built on equality and compassion. Equality for all the dogs, regardless of their breed, origin and their individuality.
It gives us immense pleasure to see all the lovely furry angels dressed up, dolled up, getting pampered by their wonderful and extra compassionate pet parents.
We are also using the part of proceedings towards street animals care and well being.

A Heartfelt Thank You!!!

Lots of Wags and Kisses from That Dog In Tuxedo

That Dog In Tuxedo – Luxury Dog Clothing and Dog Accessories for the Diva Princess and the Dapper Dog!

That Dog In Tuxedo is a reflection of style, poise, extravagance and a lap of luxury for Dogs. We believe in designing most awesome product line for our furry babies. As the gentleman always gets dressed up, so can our paw friends now!

It is now time to bring Attitude to your dog’s Closet. So, Dress up your pooches and get ready for head turns.